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If you want to have the meeting in english lease stay here.

It doesn't matter whether you have questions about possible cooperation with us or just to clarify "only" (a few) questions with us. In this case online advice is the only option. Your questions can either be answered or the tax returns you have prepared are checked by us and discussed with you

Please also prepare all relevant documents - too much rather than too little - so that our meeting can bring you the greatest possible benefit.  Choose the time that is best for you for an online consultation in our online appointment management.

Fee: Although our hourly rates are in line with the average of other tax-advisers, the one-time consultation could still seem a bit expensive to you: € 55,00 plus 20% VAT per 1/4 hour started. Speaking english ist more stressful and there are only a few taxadvisers offering this service

We are aware that you cannot assess the value of our advice and therefore you may hesitate to make an appointment. It's the same for us: we have had got bad experiences very often in the past. We therefore ask for an advance payment of the fee for € 360,00 inlcuding 20% ​​VAT for the time we need to spend (including preparation and documentation as explained below ). You will get the IBAN after filling-out the registration-form. Please transfer the total amount of € 360,00 (including 20% VAT) before starting our appointment.
when does advice make sense?
It is relatively easy for you to calculate for yourself whether an online or one-time consultation will bring you more than you have to invest in our fee.

Take your top tax rate (depending on your total income). You can find the top tax rate on your last income tax assessment or employee assessment. If this is complicated for you: Take the empirical value for an average income in Austria, this is 35% or 42% if you earn a little better.

Then add up those expenses that you are uncertain about being deductible and multiply them by your top tax rate - this is how you get your expected tax savings from our advice.

Compare the tax savings with our estimated fee.

Note: Our fee is always deductible from income tax or wage tax, so that you will be refunded the top tax rate from our estimated fee in the course of the annual settlement or the income tax assessment.
we need from you
Please note that we tax consultants are obliged to ALWAYS check the identity of our customers and to create accurate documentation. In addition, we must also be able to present the basis of our advice.

Therefore, please prepare an official photo ID (passport, identity card, driver's license) and your e-card for our conversation and send them in advance by email (unsecured) or via our upload page (secured). Please ensure that the scans are legible - a color scan with a resolution of 300 x 300 dpi is sufficient (this can be set for most scanners).

Please note that the button "Fee agreement one-time consultation" can serve you only the agreement in German. Please do a translation with google translate.
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