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Our services are charged on the basis of a number of parameters, which you can also significantly influence and change in your favour:
  • preparation of the documents for efficient processing by us
  • number of documents to be posted by us or the use of an Excel entry file prepared by us for the accounting documents, so that we do not have to do any accounting
  • number of business evaluations per year
  • number of employees in payroll accounting
  • number of branches
  • number of shareholders with an income tax return for an OG or KG
  • type of tax return of the company (e.g. flat rate, income-expenditure account or balance sheet)

We therefore ask for an advance payment of the fee for € 210,00 including 20% ​​VAT for the time we need to make out a cost estimate for our services. Please transfere the amount to IBAN AT39 4715 0353 1902 1401 and send us the needed information with an email.
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